Thursday, 19 March 2015

Slowing Things Down

Good evening intrepid readers!  Today's post will be a brief check-in as it was a pretty chilled out day.  We started the day by heading out to a government office so that Euphy could take care of a bit of business while she's in town.  This left me to wander around outside taking pictures in their garden.  I felt a bit conspicuous wandering around with a camera in what is clearly not a touristy area, but nobody seemed perturbed.

In the afternoon we headed out to the photography studio to review our photos from yesterday's shoot.  This ended up being incredibly difficult since there were a lot of really great photos to choose from.  Even though we were able to keep 100 photos it was still challenging picking from the 230+ offerings which ones we wanted to discard.  Eventually we had the chosen ones assembled and then we had to pick which photos would be used for specific prints.  We'll get them all in digital format, but there will be photo albums made, and a few rather large prints, so we had to figure out what was going where.  One of the "prints" will be a gigantic solid piece which is over a metre long.  I have no idea what it's going to cost to have that shipped back to Canada once it's ready.  It may be cheaper to just fly back to China to pick it up.  I also have no idea what we're going to do with an enormous picture of ourselves.  I really should have asked them to make it a one-metre tall picture of my glaring countenance that I could hang in my doorway to judge all those who dare cross my threshold.  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

That process actually took a few hours, and was more mentally exhausting than I would have imagined.  For the first time on this vacation we decided to just... vacation.  We got back to the hotel and crashed.  Up to this point I'd been terrified of the dreaded "afternoon nap" since I thought it would be just giving in to the jet lag and further screw up my sleep schedule.  I tossed that logic out the window today though, and I'm still confident that I'll sleep well tonight.

So that's it.  Not the most interesting day to relate as a blog post, but very relaxing.  With our batteries recharged we'll be ready for whatever tomorrow brings.  For those of you in the Eastern Time Zone, enjoy your day.  I'm going to bed.  Again.

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Jabbles said...

You are a brave man taking pictures near government buildings. I've heard of people in the US getting in trouble for that. Keep an eye out for Black helicopters.