Monday, 23 March 2015

No Photos Yet

Sorry folks, but I'm afraid you'll have to be patient with regards to seeing photos of this trip.  We've arrived safely in Macao, and my recent perusal of Facebook confirms that I'm once again on an unrestricted Internet.  However, in a recent bout of security concern I enabled two-step authentication on my Google account (as you should too!) and have thus shot myself in the foot.  It's been awhile since I've last logged in to my Google account from this machine, and it wants to verify my authenticity.  Unfortunately it does that by sending me a code via text message... which I'm currently unable to get since I didn't even bother to bring my phone with me on this trip.  So I'm afraid that even on the Japanese leg of this tour I'll be unable to share photos.  I'll keep posting to the blog via e-mail but the photos will have to wait until my triumphant return to Canada.

As previously stated, I'm in Macao now.  We had a final Yum Cha lunch with Euphy's family today and then headed across the border.  The last time I came to Macao we took the ferry from Zhuhai, but this time we used the land crossing which was a lot simpler, despite being the more popular option.  I think that might be the first time I've ever walked across an international border.  It's like flying, minus all the bits that actually involve an airplane.  You go through an airport security-like customs station on the Chinese side, walk down a short hallway, and then enter another very airport-esque building where you enter Macao.  Pretty slick really.

We're staying at the Venetian, which is cool because I've walked through the shops at the Venetian both here and in Las Vegas, but I've never stayed at either hotel.  I guess I'll have to check-in to the counterpart hotel in Vegas sometime so that I can compare notes.

I did a bit of wandering around along the waterfront, just outside the Wynn casino.  I was amusing myself by taking photos, and naturally ended up doing what any sensible person does outside a mega-casino on a bustling sidewalk: I got out my long lens and started photographing birds.  Duh.

We had dinner with some of Annie's friends who live in town, and then Euphy and I wandered around the outside of the Venetian getting some fun night shots of the city.  All of which I wish I could share with you right now...

Anyway, I should wrap this up.  We've got a very early morning tomorrow to get the ferry to Hong Kong.  From there we're catching our flight to Tokyo.  With any luck I'll have reliable Internet access there (can't see why I wouldn't) and I'll be able to keep you all posted.  Good night everyone!


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