Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Touchdown: Hong Kong

Good morning... errr... afternoon?  Evening?  Let me try this again.

Hi everyone!  Local time in Hong Kong is 4:40 a.m. and I just did what any proper Canadian does at four in the morning: had a tuna sandwich and a beer.  Neglect the fact that it's 4:40 p.m. in Toronto right now, it seems much more Rock 'n' Roll if we leave out that fact.

We touched down in Hong Kong over an hour ahead of schedule this morning.  At first I was feeling like that wasn't particularly beneficial since we've just got to wait until our 9:00 flight to Beijing anyway, but now that I'm settled into the lounge I'm pretty happy to be on the ground early.  The plane we flew in on was lovely, but it's still a plane, and flying cattle class can only be so comfortable.  I got pretty lucky though and was able to sleep for around 8-9 hours, effectively eating up around 2/3 of the flight, so it didn't really seem that long.  A couple movies and a bit of Top Gear later and I was here.

We're actually pretty comfortable at the moment.  Euphy's job at BMO gives here a lot of insight into the various flavours of MasterCard that they offer, and so many months ago she started to get very excited about this World Elite card.  Various interesting benefits on the card, but the one that's applicable at the moment is free enrolment in the Priority Pass club.  These guys run a huge number of VIP lounges in airports around the world.  If I understand correctly the lounges are usually accessible to first-class passengers, but if you have a Priority Pass card then you can pay $27 to come use the facilities.  Well this World Elite MasterCard comes with free membership and three free visits to any lounge, so we thought we'd give it a shot.  We're now relaxing in a very nicely appointed lounge which is extraordinarily more comfortable than  your average boarding gate waiting lounge.  It's dimly lit with comfy chairs, and I'm feeling like a nap is in my very near future.  Also the above mentioned sandwich and beer were on the house... something I can see myself taking advantage of again before our next flight.  All told it's been a nice little touch of extra comfort on the long voyage.

I think it's about time I wrapped this up.  I may have got a good night's sleep on the plane in terms of time spent sleeping, but we all know that sleeping on a plane doesn't equate to sleeping in a bed... something I won't get to do for another 18 or so hours.  I've still got a pretty long haul ahead of me to get to Beijing and get settled in, so I'm going to make the most of this time and try to get a bit of rest.  I hope everyone back home is doing well and with any luck I'll be posting again soon.


Jabbles said...

Beer and a sandwich? Sounds like the diet is on hold. Frankly it makes sense, one of my favourite parts of travelling is the food.

Colin Young said...

Yeah, I just figured that sticking to a diet was going to be impossible while travelling, so I'm not even going to try. Three weeks of enjoying myself diet-free.