Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thoughts of Road Tripping

Our departure for Fontana, NC is rapidly approaching, and it's had me dwelling on the nature of the Road Trip.  It's something that I've not done in quite awhile, and the prospect of getting out on the open road is exciting.  Even the lead-up to the trip is different when you're driving as opposed to flying.  If we were flying I'd just be concerning myself with what I'll need to have when I'm down there.  With the Road Trip component it's like I'm planning for two trips.  There's still the consideration for what I'll need while I'm there, but there's also what I'll need for the trip down.  When flying I just want a few forms of entertainment, but when driving my options in that space are limited.  For the Road Trip I'm more concerned with things like music, and snacks.  Of course, travelling with Jay I'm not too concerned about the snack situation, I have a feeling he's got that well under control.

I grabbed something cool the other day, mostly for Graydyn's sake.  It's a device that plugs into the cigarette lighter (yes I know they don't light cigarettes anymore, but that's always what I'll call it) and give you a normal 3-prong power outlet, and a USB port for charging devices.  Gray's Game Boy doesn't hold a charge very well anymore, so I'm sure having an outlet will be appreciated.

It'll be nice just to get out there on the road.  We're taking our time getting down to Fontana, with a couple overnight stops along the way, so it should be a lot of fun.

For those of you who are interested, Jay posted a map of the resort we're staying at on Facebook, I'll repost the link here:


Apparently we'll be in cabin 506.

Check out the main site at www.fontanavillage.com for info on where we'll be staying.

I'm getting myself fairly well positioned to have my motorcycle down there with me.  I've got 640km on the odometer right now, and I'm confident that I can hit the 1000km mark by the end of this coming weekend.  That will put me past my break-in period, so hopefully I can take it in for it's first service sometime next week.  With that out of the way I'll be comfortable taking the bike down, I'll just have to get it to Detroit so that Jay's buddy Chad can get it on his trailer and down to Fontana for me.  That will really all hinge on the weather next Friday.  If it's nice enough to ride then I'll bring my bike down.  If not then I'll just have to go without.  Fingers crossed for some nice weather!

Speaking of motorcycling, it's supposed to be a nice day today, so I think I'll take the bike in to work.  I'd better start getting geared up.  It takes me a lot longer to get going when I'm on the bike.  I guess that's because riding a car doesn't require special pants.

Have a great day everyone.


corey.blosser said...

I would worry if you needed special pants to ride in a car, but then again you do say that the Tail of the Dragon is a wild road..

Jabbles said...

No special pants required in the MINI but pants in some form are a must.
Yeah the snacks have yet to be purchased but there will be snacks, I intend to stay away from purely sugar based items but we will see what happens when I get to the store.
Good luck on racking up the KMs I can't imagine it's too serious if you get the first maintenance done a bit early, the main thing is getting any metal shavings out of the oil and making sure nothing came loose.
As for the ICE(In car entertainment) feel free to bring put some movies/tv shows on your netbook, I will not mind if you want to watch something, the scenery in Ohio is far from exciting.

Aunt J. said...

Nice looking resort and I didn't realize it was so big. Kinda wish I was going.
I'm sure a good time will be had by all, and grab one of the those wtd8 t-shirts while you're there.