Saturday, 24 April 2010

Safe and Sound in Louisville

Greetings all!  Just wanted to check-in and let everyone know that we're safe and sound in Louisville.  We're just getting settled in, we've got dinner reservations in 2.5 hours, but aside from that I've got nothing really to report.  I'm happy to not be sitting in a car at the moment... for whatever reason my lower back doesn't like the seats in Jay's Mini.  It's good to be up and about.  Also, it's remarkable how much prettier Kentucky is than Ohio.

Those are my thoughts for now, I may have more to report on after dinner.

For those who are interested in cross-referencing this vacation, I recommend checking Jay's blog at

Tomorrow it's off to Nashville.  I may make another post from the road, since I see that my mobile posting this morning worked as expected.  A collection of small posts rather than a handful of large posts may prove to be the theme for this vacation.  Time will tell.

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Aunt J. said...

Glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. Keep us in the loop and post some pictures.