Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Ball Is Rolling Again

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm happy to report that my internet service was restored shortly after my last blog post, and I am now writing this post comfortably on my home computer instead of trying to punch it out on my BlackBerry.

Since my camping trip with Dad at the end of September I haven't had any trips on the books, which is always a painful situation for me.  I'm happy to say that I've remedied that situation.  I believe I had alluded to the possibility of visiting Las Vegas earlier, but I can now officially say that that trip is booked!

I'm heading out on January 8th and staying until the 12th for one of those common 4-day Vegas excursions.  I'm heading out with my friends Richard and Baseet, and we'll be staying in The Luxor, which should be pretty cool.  It's funny because that hotel is very close to The Excalibur, which is where I stayed when I was in Vegas as a kid.

My next mission is to procure tickets to Penn & Teller's live show, which I've always wanted to see.  Hopefully I have no issues completing that mission.  Graydyn has also found a really awesome looking place to go zip-lining, which I'd like to check out.  I couldn't find any mention of price on their website (http://www.bcflightlines.com/) so that could be scary... another thing I'll have to inquire into before we leave.  Other than that, we have no specific plans, but I'm quite certain that three guys in Vegas are perfectly capable of finding adventure.

The zip line adventure would be a nice opportunity to get out into the desert, which is really all I want to do while in Vegas.  I'm hoping that I'll get a chance to visit Red Rock Canyon at some point too.

I love this phase of the "Vacation Lifecycle"; the flights and hotel are booked, we're definitely going, and now we just need to decide what to do while we're there.  Of course, it being Las Vegas the options are limitless!  It's very exciting!

Well, I need to go daydream about Vegas to work, so I'd better be off.  With Vegas as such a popular destination though, I'm sure lots of you have suggestions for leisure activities, and I'd be happy to hear your suggestions.  Just keep it clean folks, I know I'm heading to Sin City, but my Grandma reads this blog!

See you all next week!


graydyn said...

I asked Gil about cost for zip-lining. He was thinking around 100-150.

Chris said...

Cost is $149

Jabbles said...

I need to hit Vegas some time. It's one of those places though, you know there are so many things to do but how do you sort through it all?
Have fun though.