Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Long Weekend Stay-cation

Good morning everyone!

I'm just coming off the Thanksgiving long weekend and getting ready to head back to work.  I actually made a conscious decision not to go anywhere or do anything with my long weekend.  I believe the new term for that is a "stay-cation."  Some people are really promoting the concept of spending your vacation exploring your own home town, cutting out all the hassle and expense of travel.  This weekend though I was taking things a step further.  I didn't vacation in Toronto as much as a I took a vacation in my living room.

Gray and Susan went to Boston for the long weekend.  Apparently they managed to consume all of the lobster and Champagne in the entire city, so if you're planning a trip there I recommend leaving enough time for them to restock.

Jay went home to Sarnia to visit family, and Paul headed the opposite direction, visiting his family in Kingston.

All of this left a quiet house for me to occupy, and I did so with gusto.  I love being on the go, and I crave adventure, but sometimes you just need to recharge your battery.  Some people love a good movie, or a good book.  Some people garden or knit.  Me?  I play video games, and oh did I play video games.  Call it a wasted weekend if you will, but I whole-heartedly disagree.  I think that there is great value to be found in setting aside time to pursue our hobbies with single-minded purpose.  I may not have any great, lasting legacy left behind from this epic tribute to digital entertainment, but I feel rested and ready to face a new day.  In the end, I can't think of anything more that you can ask from a long weekend.

Unfortunately all of this rest has slowed my natural pace quite a bit and it's looking like I'm in serious danger of being late for work!  Time for me to hustle.  The Henry's Camera camera/photography show is this coming weekend, and I'm hoping to report back next week with some fresh and interesting info on all things photographic.  Wish me luck, and have a great week everyone.


Chris said...

You're late for work.

Jabbles said...

Nothing wrong with doing nothing productive for a week end.
I will likely be joining you for the camera show, be sure to remind me.