Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Let's Ride

Good morning everyone.  I thought I'd follow up last week's post with more news on my own personal riding scene.  As of last week I'd only been on the bike long enough to get it home, but was hopeful for more riding later in the week.  As it turned out Wednesday was a beautiful day, perfect for riding, so I took my bike into work.  It was a bit cool in the morning, but it's a short ride so I was still comfortable.  The ride home was perfect, and I would have stayed out longer except that I was working an earlier shift, and by the time I got home it was getting very close to 5:00 and I knew that traffic would start to get ugly.

It was actually a lot of fun just having the motorcycle at work.  There are a lot of riders at work and they were quick to welcome me to the world of riding with some helpful advice.  I got a lot of great tips for doing some of my own maintenance on the bike, which is great, and some clarification on some of the things the dealership told me.

Unfortunately the weather promptly turned foul again on Thursday, and held for the remainder of the week.  Things are starting to look up again today though!  It's a bit cool out there, so I'm debating whether I want to get out there, or just be patient and wait for tomorrow, which should be ideal.  The forecast is for calling for this week to just get warmer and warmer, peaking at a staggering 25 degrees by Friday.  I would also like to mention that Friday is a holiday, and Saturday is supposed to have gorgeous weather too.  So if anyone is wondering where I'll be this weekend, I'm likely to be largely unreachable.  Finally!

The motorcycle is still in it's "break-in period" right now.  The first 1000 km are meant to just get the bike running normally.  Apparently the ideal way to do this is to keep the RPMs in constant fluctuation.  This is pretty easy in the city where you can just keep accelerating through the gears until you hit the next traffic light and stop again.  If I get out onto longer, more open roads this weekend I'll have to be a little more conscious of varying the RPM, which is going to mean accelerating and decelerating constantly... in other words, driving like a dick.  I'll have to try to keep to quiet, out-of-the-way roads while I'm doing that.  Fortunately 1000 km should go by pretty quickly.  After that I'll take the bike in for a bit of post-break-in maintenance and then I can begin riding normally.  Who knows, if I get a really good weekend maybe I can get the bulk of that 1000 km behind me.  Wish me luck everyone.


Jabbles said...

Awesome man, have fun and keep the rubber on the road. Get that break in period done before the Dragon.

Aunt J. said...

It sounds like your weekend is already planned. Enjoy!