Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Equipment Frustrations

I should have posted weeks ago about the addition of my latest piece of travel gear, but I still don't have it.  With my laptop consistently failing, and having an appalling battery life, I decided to pick up a Netbook before we headed down to Fontana.  I saw a really good deal on an Asus Eee PC (specifically the 1005HA-PU1X) which my research has shown to be leading the charge at that price-point.  I was hoping that I'd be able to post pictures of the little guy by now, but when the computer arrived it had a damaged screen.  I sent it back to be replaced a few weeks ago and haven't heard anything since.  It wasn't till I was doing some banking online last night that I noticed a credit on my Visa for the full amount that I'd paid.  Apparently they just refunded me my money and didn't say anything.  This whole time I've been waiting for my new computer in the mail, and it was never coming.  Tiger Direct has some of the best prices around, but their customer service makes them just not worth dealing with.

So here I am, I have no portable computer capable of running in excess of 20 minutes with being charged, and apparently my replacement isn't coming.  I'd just order the same computer again, but I don't feel like giving Tiger Direct any more of my money, and I'm not sure where I can get one for that cheap.  The big-box stores simply aren't worth discussing, and unfortunately I can't buy directly from the manufacturer in this case.  My usual stalwart Canada Computers only has one of them, and it's in Brampton.  Also, I've learned not to put THAT much faith in the quantity numbers they display on their website.

If anyone knows a reliable computer dealer in the GTA I'd love to hear about it.  I'd still like to get that computer, and I'd rather not have to sell any organs to do so.

My other option with Canada Computers would be to pay about $30 more for the same Netbook, and get the one that comes with Windows 7.  I've been hearing good things about Win7, but I'm not sure that the more modern (read "more bulky") version of Windows will be as appropriate for such a small computer.  I have a lot of faith in Windows XP in that regard, and would prefer the computer bundled with it.  Anyone know someone using Win7 on a Netbook who can testify to its performance?

Well, since I seem to have turned this week's post into a combination of my personal journal and a soapbox for denouncing my enemies, I might as well keep going with the trend and let you all know what else is happening.  The next big event in my life will be getting my motorcycle out of storage, and if all goes well I'll be doing that on Saturday.  I think I mentioned when I first bought the bike that I'd just have to give the guys at the shop a couple weeks of notice to get my bike prepared for me and I'd be good to go.  The difficulty in this is that you never really know if the weather is going to be good for riding in two weeks.  Well, about a week ago the long-range forecast was calling for lots of rain this past weekend (which we REALLY got!) followed by lots of sunshine, which seems to be holding true.  This sun was scheduled to hold right through to this coming Sunday.  That's ideal really, with the rain washing the salt and sand off the road, and the sun drying everything out.  Obviously the long-range forecast can change drastically, but it's all I had to work with, so I just went for it and booked an appointment to get my bike.  Now I just need this nice weather to hold until Saturday and I'll be all set.  I've got the bike insured, the shop is putting the plates on it for me, and I just went in there yesterday to pick up the last remaining pieces of safety gear that I need.  A lot still depends on this good weather holding steady for me, but with any luck I'll be posting pictures of my new bike next week. Wish me luck everyone, and I'll talk to you next Tuesday.


Jabbles said...

Sucks about the netbook, I was actually wanting to ask you how it was going with that. I understand no longer wanting to deal with a store with shotty customer service.
As for the bike I am quite excited for you, I think you should break out your flip cam again and shoot some video of this memorable moment.
I do have some crappy news about the Dragon, there was a rock slide between Marysville and the beginning of the Dragon, there are conflicting reports right now but some are saying as long as two months to get everything safe and clear. http://www.easttnriders.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34705

Colin Young said...

Just got another netbook actually! :) I was complaining about the situation this morning at work and Chris sent me a link to a local computer store that was having a sale on the exact model that I was looking for. :D I'll charge it up tonight and we'll find out tomorrow morning if it works.

As for the motorcycle, I'll definitely bring my camera and get some pics. I'm thinking about the Flip too. Some people manage to wipe out as soon as they sit on a new bike for the first time. I certainly don't want to be one of those people, but if tragedy strikes I might as well throw the footage up on YouTube so everyone can laugh at my expense.

That sucks about the Dragon. Hopefully they're able to clear it up quicker than initially estimated.

Aunt J. said...

Glad to hear you managed to get your netbook; just goes to show what some whining will do.
If Win7 is anything like Windows 2007, I'd stick with XP.