Sunday, 9 October 2011

Live From Killarney... Finally!

Good evening everyone!  I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving long weekend.  I'm happy to say that we're all having a wonderful time up here in Killarney.  Unfortunately I haven't managed to get a blog post in because of some unexpected technical changes.  I attempted to post Friday night to let everyone know that I was here safe and sound, but apparently they've changed up their WiFi policies here at KML and you now need to obtain a username and password from the front desk which will only function for a limited time.  I guess they had a lot of people abusing the free internet around here.  It was too late on Friday to get a pass for the internet, so I tried to post using my mobile upload e-mail address... and I got a bounced e-mail.  Blogger has undergone a lot of changes recently, and it's been a long time since I've attempted a mobile upload, and I guess some of the changes must have invalidated my secret e-mail address for mobile posting.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to re-enable that at some point because it's always been a good contingency plan in the past.  Yesterday I ran into the same problem where I ended up getting into blogging mode after the front desk had closed and it was too late to get online.  Same story tonight... just having too much fun during the day and not thinking about getting online.  Tonight I decided to tether my laptop to my cell phone to get internet access that way.  I'm a bit concerned about data usage when I'm doing that so I'm not going to upload any pictures until I get back, but at least I'm able to blog by doing this.

Okay, tech problems/excuses are out of the way, time to catch up.

Friday was mostly a travel day, so not much to report there other than that we had a very nice ride up.  Unfortunately Gray and Susan had to work on Friday so they weren't coming up until much later and they hit some BAD traffic on the way up.  Even after getting off work very early they still didn't arrive until 9:30.  Fortunately we were able to save them some dinner because they'd had a pretty brutal trip up here.

Saturday morning we set out immediately after breakfast to make a run at The Crack.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the sunlight made the Fall colours stunning.  It was everything I'd hoped for in my previous Fall trips, and it made for an amazing hike.  The second half of the Crack hike is very strenuous and it proved a bit too much for Euphy, who isn't an experienced hiker.  In hindsight I shouldn't have started her off on such an arduous hike, but she was a trouper and we made it most of the way up.  Dad, Gray, and Susan made it to the top and Euphy and I chilled out on a ridge below them.  We were still way up in the air and got some fantastic pictures from up there which I look forward to posting when we get home.  It was a tiring hike for everyone involved and we mostly just chilled out for the rest of the afternoon.  Just before dinner I got Euphemia out for her first ever kayak paddle though.  We just did a brief paddle around in the channel outside of the lodge, but she was really getting the hang of things by the end, and we had fun out there.

Today Dad, Gray, and Susan headed out for some fishing while I went shopping for souvenirs with Mom and Euphy.  We followed that up with a visit to George Lake, a bit of lunch, and then a nice, easy hike along the Lighthouse Trail.  That hike was much more to Euphy's taste and we really enjoyed the scenery.  During the times we spent at the Lodge Euphy was entertaining herself by feeding peanuts to the local chipmunk population.  I think I'm going to have a very difficult time convincing her to come home on Tuesday without smuggling one out in her coat pocket.  She's very much in love with her new pet Chippy.

We've been hanging out in the Carousel lounge this evening looking over all the pictures everyone's taken over the last few days.  I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, but this cellphone tethering thing seems to be working out fairly well, so I think I'm safe to say that I should be able to check in again tomorrow night to tell you all about it.  Until then, keep enjoying your long weekend!

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Jabbles said...

I had good luck with the blogger app.

Sounds like a good trip. Glad you had fun.