Sunday, 15 May 2011

Not Dead, Just Dead Tired

Greetings loyal readers!  I say "loyal" because you must be pretty darn loyal if you're still reading this after what have been a few incredibly dry weeks.  I apologize that you've had nothing even remotely interesting to read since Gray and Susan got back from Europe.  I picked really terrible time to attempt a schedule change for the blog.  I wanted to switch up to a Sunday afternoon post, but I immediately followed that decision up with a weekend where I worked the entire time because of a crazy project.  Then there was a weekend at home with a concert on Sunday when I got back to Toronto which left me no time to myself on Sunday.  Now I reach today and I've been feeling decidedly unwell all day and didn't even think of writing until tonight when I'm finally starting to come around.  So yeah, not great timing all around.  Interestingly I'll be off my usual schedule next weekend as well, since I'll be in Killarney with Dad.  At least there's some R&R to be had there, and hopefully some interesting stories and good photos to share with you all.

The camping trip will start this Friday with a journey to Killarney and a night at the Mountain Lodge.  We head out to Philip Edward Island on Saturday morning; we'll be forgoing the usual trip to park and will instead just paddle up Collins Inlet and camp on Crown Land on the island.  Saturday and Sunday night will be spent at camp, and Monday we extract ourselves and spend another night at the lodge.  I may be able to get something posted Monday night from the lodge - if not I'll try to get some photos up on Tuesday once I'm back in Toronto.

In other news (since this really is just a catch-up post) I have got a really positive feedback on my idea of going up to Barrie for a dirtbike course.  I'm certain that there's enough interest to put a group together, so I'll be calling them soon to see what kind of options are available for a group.  Just wanted all those who are interested to know that I haven't forgot about you.  Also, if you are interested but haven't let me know, by all means send me an e-mail, and keep your eyes on the blog for more info as I get it.

No news yet on the new motorcycle, but things are starting to shape up.  My friend Mike has got his in the shop getting it tuned-up and certified at which point I intend to take it for a test drive.  If all things work out according to plan I should be purchasing a 2004 Kawasaki ZZR600 sometime within the next few weeks.  I've already started to expand my collection of camping gear, and I'm hoping to start making small tours this summer, just driving for the day and then camping for an evening.  It should be a fun way to spend a weekend and get me out of the city without having to use any of my precious vacation days.

As for the vacation days, I'm saving those up for September.  Jay and I are hoping to make it down to The Dragon this fall for a roadtrip.  At this point it's all very tentative, but we'd like to get in some hiking and paddling.  It's a great trip for driving enthusiasts, but there's also a lot of magnificent opportunities to get out and enjoy nature, so we'll be trying to blend those two elements on the area.  More details as we start to get our plans in order.

Well, that's all the news for now.  Again, sorry I haven't be keeping this page up to date.  Hopefully I'll have some good material to post after this coming weekend and then settle into my new routine and start getting some quality content back up here on a regular basis.  I'm optimistic that work will calm down a bit in the coming weeks and I should be able to get myself organized again.  I've still got a ton of topics that just need a bit of research to make some interesting posts.  Stay tuned everyone, and thanks for your patience.

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Jabbles said...

I know the feeling on letting the blog lapse for a bit. I too have been neglecting mine since the Dragon. I will be posting for sure this week.

I am already getting excited for our fall trip to the Dragon, even if the only planning so far is an approximate date.

Have fun on your camping trip.